Professor in Economics
University of Glasgow
Research interests: Microeconomic Theory
Book manuscript
  • Microeconomic Theory for the Social Sciences, Version 1_2, August 2015. Link to pdf --- Still preliminary. Comments are welcomed.

Working papers
  • Christopher P. Chambers and Takashi Hayashi, Can everyone benefit from innovation? June 2017. Link to pdf
  • Christopher P. Chambers and Takashi Hayashi, Can everyone benefit from economic integration? February 2017. Link to pdf
  • Takashi Hayashi and Michele Lombardi, Temporary implementation, October 2016. Link to pdf --- Previously circulated as "Sequential implementation without commitment."
  • Takashi Hayashi and Norio Takeoka, Internal conflict and self-control in endogenous preference formation, March 2015. Link to pdf
  • Takashi Hayashi, Fair education, March 2015. Link to pdf
  • Takashi Hayashi, Decentralizability and responsibility under unequal skills, July 2014. Link to pdf 
  • Takashi Hayashi and Hisayuki Yoshimoto, Risk- & regret-averse bidders in sealed-bid auctions, December 2011. Link to pdf
Book Publication
  1. Takashi Hayashi, General Equilibrium Foundation of Partial Equilibrium Analysis, Palgrave Macmillan, August 2017. Link

Publication in Refereed Journals
  1. Ken Urai and Takashi Hayashi, A generalization of continuity and convexity conditions for correspondences in economic equilibrium theory, Japanese Economic Review, Vol. 51, No. 4 , Dec. 2000. Link
  2. Takashi Hayashi, Quasi-stationary cardinal utility and present bias, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 112, Issue 2, Oct. 2003, 343-352. Link
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  23. Christopher P. Chambers and Takashi Hayashi, Resource allocation with partial responsibilities for initial endowments, International Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 355-368. Link 
  24. Christopher P. Chambers and Takashi Hayashi, Reverse Bayesianism: A Comment, forthcoming in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. Link to pdf 
  25. Takashi Hayashi and Michele Lombardi, Implementation in partial equilibrium, Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 169, May 2017, Pages 13–34. Link
  26. Takashi Hayashi, Self-fulfilling regression and statistical discrimination, forthcoming in International Journal of Economic TheoryLink to pdf
  27. Takashi Hayashi and Michele Lombardi, Fair social decision under uncertainty and belief disagreements, forthcoming in Economic Theory. Link


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