Support FloMay

Dearly loved Baha'i Friends:

The Florence Mayberry Baha'i School Committee is requesting donations from any and all believers who would like to help support the Baha'i School in meeting our annual donation amount and providing the funds necessary to maintain or lower our current registration prices and continue to provide the quality experience that is associated with the uplifting environment of the Florence Mayberry Baha'i School. In accordance with Baha'i law, only Baha'is are able to donate to the Florence Mayberry Baha'i School and we do not seek and cannot accept gifts from outside sources.

All donations - large or small - are directly contributed to the Florence Mayberry Baha'i School Fund to be used for acquisition of facilities and materials, scholarship opportunities, publication and promotion of the school, and assistance to school volunteers.

At this time all donations should be sent to NATIONAL


Please have your Baha'i ID number ready as you will need to enter it in the questions following your donation!

Contributions from individuals, groups, and Spiritual Assemblies can often make all the difference for a young person or a retired person when it comes to attending the weekend school and help the committee keep registration costs low enough to encourage families and individuals to attend and participate.

Please add Florence Mayberry Baha'i School to your prayers and encourage your families, friends, youth, couples, singles, children, etc. (yes, we mean everyone) to attend our upcoming schools!

With loving Baha'i Greetings,

The Florence Mayberry Baha'i Committee