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FlockWorks is a newly established goat grazing service serving South Central, PA (the Cumberland Valley area) with goat rental services for reduction and control of overgrown lots, fields, riparian areas and more.

We believe that goats offer benefits that other forms of vegetation control do not offer:


Environmentally Friendly

Fertilizer Application


Most people refer to it as goat rental, but we like to use the term "Guided Goat Grazing" because we manage the process and have been working with our goats for years to have them forage in the most useful way for vegetation control.

Technically, goats do not graze.... at least not like most other livestock. They browse. We do our best to work with a goats natural eating habits and with herd instincts to direct our goats in such a way as to increase the amount of vegetation that is consumed AND to be as healthful as possible to the goats.

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