Flippin' Good Tech is a website born out of a passion to connect with other flippin' good educators who are out-of-the-box thinkers and doers.

We are so glad you are interested in this journey of ours. It is literally a work in progress.

We hope you will leave inspired and motivated to reach outside your own box to create some cool projects with some Flippin' Good Tech!


"The box is not outside our minds. It is a boundary within our minds. The boundary between what we know and what we still, or haven't yet, thought about.

We need to value long thinking....a thought that takes us far...apply principals to things we have never thought to apply before. "

What is your box? What are your limitations?

With every passing year it is more and more evident that this is not our grandparents' classroom anymore, or our parents, or even ours in some cases.

Our students are most definitely digital natives, and the majority of educators are digital immigrants trying to learn the language in a world of technology overload.

Our students are experimenting with this easy button seven days a week, and research shows the amount of time the majority of them spend on their mobile devices is far more than the amount of time they actually entertain any verbal communication with their parents and teachers.

Still, more and more educational researchers and experts assert that students learn and work better when they have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning.

The opportunity to discuss the learning process with their peers gives them confidence and motivation, and technology is a crucial factor in facilitating this cooperative environment.

In this technology-rich atmosphere, student groups are also able to reach outside the four walls of their classrooms and interact with other students and professionals around the world. The implication is that project-based, collaborative learning should not be the "wave of the future," but rather the norm of the present.

The paradigm of education is definitely changing from the little red school house days of old. It is a shift that will not happen overnight, but it is imperative that the education system catches up with the digital native and stops trying to cling to the dusty chalkboards of the past.

Classrooms THEN and NOW