The Family Learning Center is committed to creating a welcoming and functional space to be used for community-based educational activities. It is owned and managed by volunteers from the Menomonie Area Homeschool Group.

A ramp leads up to the main entrance. The building includes a large space upstairs for community gatherings. It is 20'x30', with a lovely hardwood floor and small stage. During the warm months there is a window AC unit to keep the large space comfortable. There is also a sink, bathroom and fountain in the upstairs space. Folding chairs are available for renters' use. The kitchen downstairs is fully stocked with cookware and eating ware and space to seat around 40 people. We ask that renters respect the materials and belongings of the homeschool group that uses the basement weekly. For availability, please check our Rental Calendar. Contact our rental liaison for rates and a copy of our renter's agreement.

Rental Liaison email or phone 651-327-0566