PIR & Fair Weight

PIR & Fair Weight Explained

Fair Weight for FLAPX is set to 100,000 coins.

This mechanism guarantees that if User(A) has a block of 1,000,000 coins, and User(B) has a block of 100,000 coins, and both user's coins are the same age, both users have the same chance of staking a POS reward .

Both blocks will only gain a max staking weight of 100,000 coins per additional block. This is an anti-competitive staking measure. If you have a block of 100,000 coins, you have an equal, or fair chance to stake a POS reward.

Fair Weight determines your chances to stake, not the amount of coins rewarded.

Personal Interest rate (PIR) Is the mechanism that determines how much your reward will be.

For smaller stakers, it will take much longer to earn stake rewards. However, the PIR is higher for smaller stakers and slightly smaller for those with larger coin balances. For example, a smaller staker with 500 coins per se would earn 17%, while large staker with 1,000,000 would earn 13%. The scale varies regarding PIR to benefit and encourage new users to invest. However, it still richly rewards the average and large users, but in a way that is proportionately fair to the community as a whole.

TFraud Prevention: Unfortunately, some people may try to find the loopholes in an process designed to create fairness. One thought is to make many small blocks of coins to maximize the PIR%. For example, “Muahahaha, I’m going to make 1000 blocks of 10 coins each, and make 17% on them all!” That won't work out. Coins that don’t hit a stake reward in 30 days begin to lose PIR Value. So, trying to game the system won’t work. The Fair Weight and PIR% remains intact to the benefit of all of our community.