(Dragon) Tipbot

Original creator: badbrain

One of the most popular discord bots....

One of the first multiple cryptocurrency bot that was written in node.js and adapted for discord. It has wallet.dat auto-backup features for all coins, new coins can be added in less than 5 minute and inherit all the functionality any coins already have. Bitcoin prices, Prices updates every 2 hours, Nodes autofeed from the web, Keno, Mini Lotto, Monster Slaying game with level system, Trivia, Slots, Scratch cards, Faucets, auto-rain. You can rain a specific role and you can instant buy or sell some Crypto Pairs just like a mini exchange and instant swap soon. Anyone that have requested their coin to be listed on the tipbot can benefits from auto-swap features. And your own coin can be added to the tipbot (public or private), speak with badbrain on discord the link is below some bounty are required for hosting the wallet and the tipbot service.

Special homemade code have been made to keep track of the coins you buy or sell, its called Dna swap and you get a transaction number every time you use it.

In case that the bot is crashing in the middle of a swap transaction there is a auto-heal feature that can determine if a swap have not been completed.

A lot of fix have been implemented to prevent crash and garantee the quality of the service.

There is no personal data that the tipbot is gathering on you apart from the total of coins you own and your discordID.

Full command list!

  • !list -show the list of all coins supported and authorized on the server, some servers are private and only support 1 coins and btc
  • !invite - show a list of invites for all coins present and authorized on the server
  • !ticker <coin> - market info cryptopia, bittrex, yobit
  • !tradesatoshi <coin> - market info tradesatoshi
  • !coinex <coin> - coinexchange.io market info
  • !bot <coin> rainbot|faucet|buysell - info about the bot address and balance of a specific coin, (buysell) is a reserve for trading, (rainbot) is a reserve for autorain,trivia,quiz and slot !terms - terms and conditions
  • !text <some text> - say someting with big letters...space between words are comma(,)
  • !tickets <coin> <amount of tickets> - buy loto tickets 10 coin each, max 10 tickets per user per drawings. The drawing happen when 100 tickets are sold
  • !summary - show all balances of all coins
  • !summary private - show all balances of all coins in private message with you
  • !trivia - start a multiplayer trivia and the winner can win coins from the rainbot address of the bot
  • !quiz - start a quiz and the winner can win coins
  • !slot <amount> - bet amount of coins depend on the server you are, all server flap, cheesecoin server CHEE.
  • !keno <amount> <1-10 (random selection)> - play keno and select random numbers
  • !faucet <coin> or !faucet - obtain a small amount of a coin
  • !scratch find bags on a auto-scratch card and win prize
  • !btc <currency> - show bitcoin price. Ex !btc cad, !btc usd
  • !sell <amount> <coin> quote|confirm or !buy <amount> <coin> quote|confirm - Sell and buy coins at current BTC price, quote you just see the prices and confirm for real buy
  • !transaction <coin> - Show your last 10 transactions.
  • !balance <coin> - displays wallet balance for a specific coin ex. XVG or BTC (short names)
  • !address <coin> - displays address where you can send your coins to your personal tipbot account
  • !withdraw <amount> <coin> <address> - withdraws amount of specified coins to address
  • !tip <nick> <amount> <coin> - sends amount of coins to nickname
  • !rain/soak <amount> <coin> <role>|all|everyone - Specify a role or all for everyone. splits amount of coins to all users that is online and fully active(rain) or online/away/dnd (soak)
  • !diff <coin> - network difficulty
  • !block <coin> - network block
  • !nodes <coin> - number of nodes connected to wallet
  • !connected <coin> - show a list of connected nodes and compare them to the version of the tipbot
  • !webnodes <coin> - search cryptoid for nodes and auto-inject them to matching tipbot wallet. (when low nodes connections)
  • !version <coin> - show version of the wallet
  • ---Only elite---
  • !level your current level and points (only in Elite Server)
  • !top see the leaderboard of the monster slayer game (only in Elite Server)
  • !chest open a chest you won in a fight (only in Elite Server)
  • !rez come back to life after you get killed by a monster. Cost is 150 Elite (only in Elite Server)

click the link for elite's discord