Weight Loss Tips!! Boost Your Metabolism...with these foods

There are foods that boost your metabolism. Isn't that great!?

Many people fail to lose weight, and they start blaming their trainer or themselves without even knowing the real culprit. The real thing that hinders the weight loss process is a slow metabolic rate. But certain foods rev up the metabolic rate and help us lose weight quickly.

The higher your metabolism, the more pounds you shed and the easier to maintain your weight or get free of undesirable body fat.  

Here are some magical foods that will rev your metabolism and help you shed the pounds a bit faster.


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#1. Protein-rich foods. Foods like meat, fish, eggs,   legumes have high protein content and work very  effectively when it comes to boosting metabolism and   losing weight.



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That's why many people who are on their weight loss journey try adding these foods to their diet plans. Our body requires more energy to digest the protein-enriched foods. This process is  known as the thermic effect of food or TEF.  Studies have shown that protein-rich foods enhance TEF the most.





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Approximately 30% increase is noticed in the metabolic rate by consuming these foods.  They also help in reducing the drop in metabolism,  which is very common during weight loss.  Protein also promotes the feeling of satiety  and hence prevents you from overeating. 







#2. Legumes and pulses.

Lentils, peas, beans, peanuts,   and chickpeas all fall under legumes  and pulses. They have a high content   of protein as compared to other plant foods. High protein content in these foods helps our   bodies burn a lot of calories compared to low  protein foods. Legumes and pulses are also a   great source of dietary fibers, such as soluble  fibers and starch.


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Our bodies use these fibers   to feed the good bacteria which reside in our  intestines. The good bacteria produce short-chain   fatty acids that help our bodies use stored  fat as fuel and keep normal blood sugar levels.  Studies have revealed that people who consumed  legumes experienced tremendous changes in their   metabolism and lost more weight.




Another plus about legumes is that  they are rich in arginine. Arginine is  an amino acid that increases the carbs   which our body can torch for energy purposes. Additionally, legumes have another amino acid,   glutamine, which aids in increasing the  burning of calories during digestion.




 #3. Flaxseeds. For millennia, people have incorporated the use of flaxseeds  in their diets. This is because it works like  a magic pill in losing weight effectively. These magical seeds are enriched with vitamins,   proteins, and other essential  nutrients that boost your metabolism.  Flaxseed not only boosts metabolic rate  but also improves the metabolic syndrome.

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Many people are unaware of metabolic syndrome  and its detrimental effects on one's health.  It is a group of conditions that leads to  diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.  Studies have shown that flax seeds have  adequate amounts of protein, fiber,   omega three fatty acids, and other  antioxidants that rev up the metabolism   and ultimately help you lose weight quickly.


Lastly, the fiber content in flax seeds also  plays a vital role in improving the gut's health. 

#4. Ginger. If your friend has informed you that she just lost 15 kgs by incorporating ginger into her diet -  believe her. Ginger works incredibly by enhancing our metabolic rates and helps us get rid of the bothersome fat/flab.

It increases body temperature and  helps us control our appetite.  Studies have revealed that it reduces body weight  and fasting glucose levels, and increases HDL,   excellent cholesterol levels  among obese individuals.  Another benefit of this magical herb is  that it has anti-inflammatory properties. So, it helps to lessen nausea during pregnancy.

#5. Coffee.  If you are a coffee person, you need not  worry about weight issues. But if you aren't,   you should be drinking coffee if you want  to boost your metabolic rate or lose weight.  The caffeine content in coffee  aids in boosting metabolism.

Various studies have shown that caffeine  has a stimulating effect on energy outflow   and leads to high metabolism. But that doesn’t permit you   to consume it in higher amounts or  chugging on coffee merely all day.  Remember, excess of everything is  terrible. Learn about how much caffeine   is enough to boost your metabolic rate.




Avoid adding cream or sugar as it will only increase the total calorie count. So, instead of losing weight, you will end up increasing it.

#6. Coconut oil. (I LOVE this one. It's good for the brain, too!) Coconut and coconut oils are undergoing a   gush in popularity for a reason. If you currently  aren’t using it in your diet, add it now.

Unlike other oils, coconut has a  high-fat content, and even then, it helps lose weight and enhance metabolism. Coconut oils are rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are  absorbed quickly by the body,   unlike other long-chain fats, and go directly to  the liver where they are converted into energy.

In this way, they aren’t stored  by the body like other fats. Another interesting fact about MCTs  is that they increase the metabolic rate compared to longer-chain fats. Studies have suggested that daily consumption of 30ml of coconut oil will help in waist size reduction. 

#7. Cocoa.

The cheats that you should try every single day of your weight loss journey is Cocoa. Cocoa or its products like dark chocolate have been found to boost metabolism. Cocoa and its extracts promote the gene expression, which boosts the use of fat for energy.  

#8. Chili Peppers.  You might have noticed that people who eat more chilies tend to be slimmer than those who don't.

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We are revealing the secret of chilies here. Chili pepper has a compound called capsaicin, which boosts metabolism by enhancing the calories and fat you burn.  Recent studies have suggested that capsaicin helps  us in torching about 60 extra calories each day.  Also, if you consume 3 mg of capsaicin before  every meal, it will reduce the calories consumed.

But don't overeat even if you are used to it. If you are new in adding chilies to our diet,  don't rush. Add them gradually in your diet  to a specific limit to get the most of it.

 #9. Eggs. Eggs are substantial in protein and low in calories. They have some healthy fats as well.

That's why they promote satiety and prevent us from overeating. They also have adequate amounts of B vitamins that are shown to boost metabolic rates. B vitamins convert our meals into energy. In this way, they help in processing those calories in a better way. Studies have revealed that eggs help obese people in losing weight more effectively over a short period.

#10. Teas. (In all honesty this one didn't work for me...but I only tried ONE) Many herbal teas have shown significant results in losing weight and boosting metabolism. 

Green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and many herbal teas have been used by people across the globe to lose weight. These teas increase the metabolic rate by 10%. They also help our body in using the stored fat for energy and increase fat-burning ability.

Researches have shown that the combination of   caffeine and catechin, an antioxidant usually  found in green tea, boosts metabolic rate. Many natural foods help in boosting our metabolic rates. But before opting for them, make sure you are not undergoing any medical condition. It's better to consult your doctor.

  Also, if any of the metabolic booster food is not  working, don't try too hard. Switch to the next one.