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Join one of the longest running Crown Green bowls clubs in Sheffield

A Long Tradition

Firth Park's Bowling Club was formed in 1908 and is still going strong. It celebrated its centenary in 2008 and is one of the founder members of the Sheffield & District Crown Green Bowling Association. Bowls clubs have always played a big part in management of parks and the Firth Park one is no exception. Members of the Bowls Club set up the Friends of group with residents in 2000, to help run and have a say in the park’s future.

Bowling Club Sign Firth Park
Bowling Spectators Firth Park
Ladies Bowling Match Firth Park

The Bowling Season

When the bowling season is up and running there are several different ladies, gents and veteran’s competitions to take part in, day and night, week and weekend. The season, which takes place from April to September every year, sees parks from across Sheffield visiting to compete in matches against Firth Park players. Over the years, a lot of trophies have been won! During the Autumn and Winter months, bowling is halted so that park staff can treat and repair the green ready for the next season.

The Bowling Pavilion and Green Firth Park

The Pavilion

The club has its own building to use in the park. The official opening of the current pavilion was in 1967 with the then Lord Mayor, Mr H Lambert, and Lady Mayoress, Mrs Lambert, doing the honours. A far cry from the army hut with lockers that the bowling teams used in the 1920s!

What's Crown Green Bowling?

Crown Green bowling got its name because the square green on which the game is played, rises up from its edges to a central hill right in the middle, like a crown. Players in pairs bowl their bowls towards a smaller one called a jack; the player with bowl nearest to the jack recieves the points.

Photo Ladies Bowling Team Firth Park

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Secretary Firth Park Bowls Club

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