Hunting Rules

Obey all state game laws.

This is a Bowhunting only ranch. No firearms or crossbows are allowed on the property.

Only mature BUCKS may be harvested (3 ½ years old or older and scores 130+) any buck younger than 3 ½ years old and scores less than 130 that is harvested will carry a $500 FINE. (See rule #4 for exception)

You are allowed the following harvest per hunt: 2 - Bucks, 1 buck has to be 3.5 years old and an 8 point, the other buck must be a 10 point and score 130+, only 1 doe (must have weaned her young – NO DOES IN SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER), only 1 turkey, unlimited hogs and any varmits. If you want to harvest a JAVELINA YOU MAY DO SO WITH A TROPHY FEE OF $75 (SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER JAVELINA ARE FREE WITH YOUR HUNT).

If you hit a deer, please come in and ask for tracking help. We will help you find it. WOUNDING RULE: If your deer is not found, that is the only deer you are allowed to hunt for the rest of your stay. You will not be allowed to shoot another deer. A hit = A harvest, so make your shots count.

DO NOT touch the feeders. Feeders go off 30 minutes after sunrise and 2 hours before dark. We also feed 32 miles of road every day.

Use of ATV (four wheeler) is permitted on ranch roads only (NO OFFROAD DRIVING).

Keep driving to a minimum. Go only to your area on the ranch and back to camp. NO SIGHT SEEING! NO CHANGING PASTURES - HUNT YOUR ASSIGNED AREA ONLY!

Stay in your area while hunting. Do not cross any fences. If you disturb another hunter in his area you will be asked to pay for his entire hunt and vice versa.

Keep gates like you found them. Closed if they are closed and open if they are open.

Watch out for the cows. This is a working cattle ranch. We DO NOT have any control over the workers and their duties and hours.

NO driving from 30 minutes before sunrise until 9am and 4pm until dark.

No alcohol permitted in hunting areas. Keep it in the camp.

No smoking in the camp house or hunting areas.

Do no litter. If you see litter, please pick it up.

Keep the camp and camp house clean, there are other hunters when you leave. DO NOT THROW LEFTOVERS OUTSIDE - PUT THEM IN THETRASH. (THIS BRINGS IN VARMITS TO THE CAMP)

No one under the age of 16 is allowed to stay in camp by themselves, must be with an adult at all times.

Keep all camp fires within the camp circle in the fire ring provided. Do not build fires outside this area.

No dogs allowed on the ranch. * Please contact Bo for any exceptions. (830) 798-5890

TRASH: TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU!!! If we have to clean up after you, you will be assessed a $50.00 fee. If this is not paid you will not be allowed back at the ranch. Please check out with Bo prior to leaving. This will help ensure you will not be fined.

Quail Hunters are required to pick up all SHOTGUN SHELLS!! Failing to do so you will be assessed a $50.00 fine per person and will not be allowed back at the ranch. .Please check out with Bo prior to leaving. This will help ensure you will not be fined.

Do not waste game meat. If you do not want the meat, talk to Bo.

Pick a spot, shoot straight and have FUN!