About me

I (Sulisay Phonekeo) worked under Dr. David L. Hu during the latter my undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech and for my master's degree in Mechanical Engineering studying fire ant self-assemblies. Initially, I had no idea what to expect of this project but working with fire ants have challenged my creativity in designing control experiments, often times, with uncooperative subjects. I find the chaotic ways these ants appeared to move around and yet able to build so many unique structures to be very interesting.

After graduation, I worked as a design engineering for a manufacturing companies. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors and traveling. Currently, I'm on a long term traveling/bike touring trip through Asia (So far, I've bike around Japan's northern island for about 5 weeks and been in Japan for about 2 months). After traveling, I'm looking challenging opportunities to use my creativity and technical skills in a product development role.

I can best be reached at sphonekeo [at] gatech.edu.