Welcome to FiA Cape Fear! 

Females in Action, aka FiA, is a community of women who strive to help each other improve in all areas of our lives.  We develop strong friendships while developing strong bodies, and give back to the community we belong to.

“Sometimes our light goes out, but it is blown again into an instant flame by an encounter with another human being.” - Albert Schweitzer.

The ladies of Cape Fear FiA have been reigniting other women since 2017, motivating and empowering one another to become their strongest, most confident selves.  Fitness brings us together, but the friendships we form keep us coming back for more!  With some of the most beautiful and diverse AO’s around, you may find yourself running hills in historic downtown, crab walking on the beach, or simply getting your sweat on at one of our beautiful county park locations.  Early morning workouts? Check!  Evening workouts? Check!  Drop the kids off at school, then work out? CHECK!  We have Saturday workouts, too!  Six days a week.  Six workout locations. Zero excuses!  

These peer led workouts are structured "boot-camp style" and are executed outside no matter the weather.  Yes, rain or shine, snow or heat, there will be a workout for you to participate in.  Rest assured that no matter your fitness level and abilities, you will be able to join the group and enjoy working out.  

Come join us and find your flame! 

Be sure to check out our sisters in Brunswick County!