The Sixth Workshop on Fine-Grained Visual Categorization

Seaside Ballroom A - Long Beach Convention Center - 9am - 5:30pm June 17th 2019

Organized in conjunction with CVPR 2019



FGVC6 Workshop Program


Hotels-50K: A Global Hotel Recognition Dataset - Abby Stylianou, Hong Xuan, Maya Shende, Jonathan Brandt, Richard Souvenir, Robert Pless

Few-shot Humpback Whale Identification using a Progressive Training Technique with Weak Label Boosting - Jian Qiao, Xi Guo, Zijian Zhang, Qin Yang, Sainan Zhu, Jian Huang

Class-Balanced Loss Based on Effective Number of Samples - Yin Cui, Menglin Jia, Tsung-Yi Lin, Yang Song, Serge Belongie

Visualizing and Describing Fine-grained Categories as Textures - Tsung-Yu Lin, Mikayla Timm, Chenyun Wu, Subhransu Maji

FineGAN: Unsupervised Hierarchical Disentanglement for Fine-Grained Object Generation and Discovery - Krishna Kumar Singh, Utkarsh Ojha, Yong Jae Lee

Aligned to the Object, not to the Image:A Unified Pose-aligned Representation for Fine-grained Recognition - Pei Guo, Ryan Farrell

PartNet: A Large-scale Benchmark for Fine-grained and Hierarchical Part-level 3D Object Understanding - Kaichun Mo, Shilin Zhu, Angel X. Chang, Li Yi, Subarna Tripathi, Leonidas J. Guibas, Hao Su

Few-Shot Learning with Localization in Realistic Settings - Davis Wertheimer, Bharath Hariharan

Few Shot Learning with Task-Level and Query-Level Adaptation - Yiluan Guo, Ngai-Man Cheung

Finding Four-Leaf Clovers: A Benchmark for Fine-Grained Object Localization - Gustavo Perez, Laura Bravo, Alejandro Pardo, Pablo Arbelaez

Learning Category-Specific Mesh Reconstruction from Image Collections - Angjoo Kanazawa, Shubham Tulsiani, Alexei A. Efros, Jitendra Malik

Domain Specific Transfer Learning Using Image Mixing and Stochastic Image Selection - Sheldon Coup, Varvara Vetrova, Eibe Frank, Rachael Tappenden

DeepFashion2: A Versatile Benchmark for Detection, Pose Estimation,Segmentation and Re-Identification of Clothing Images - Yuying Ge, Ruimao Zhang, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang, Ping Luo

Generalized Zero-Shot Learning via Aligned Variational Autoencoders - Edgar Schoenfeld, Sayna Ebrahimi, Samrath Sinha, Trevor Darrell, Zeynep Akata

The Northumberland Dolphin Dataset: A Multimedia Dataset for Fine-Grained Categorisation of Individual Cetaceans - Georgia W Atkinson, Cameron Trotter, Matthew Sharpe, Stephen McGough, Nick Wright, Per Berggren

FGVC Challenge Papers

The iMet Collection 2019 Challenge Dataset- Chenyang Zhang, Christine Kaeser-Chen, Grace Vesom, Jennie Choi, Maria Kessler, Serge Belongie

The Herbarium Challenge 2019 Dataset -Kiat Chuan Tan, Yulong Liu, Barbara Ambrose, Melissa Tulig, Serge Belongie

FoodX-251: A Dataset for Fine-grained Food Classification - Parneet Kaur, Karan Sikka, Weijun Wang

The iWildCam 2019 Challenge Dataset - Sara M Beery, Dan Morris, Pietro Perona

The Fashionpedia Ontology and Fashion Segmentation Dataset - Menglin Jia, Mengyun Shi, Mikhail Sirotenko, Yin Cui, Bharath Hariharan, Claire T Cardie, Serge Belongie

iCassava 2019 Fine-Grained Visual Categorization Challenge - Ernest Mwebaze, Timnit Gebru, Andrea Frome, Solomon Nsumba, Jeremy Tusubira, Chris Omongo