Butterflies and Moths 2019


We are conducting the very first Fieldguide Challenge, a FGVCx challenge focusing on fine-grained classification of Lepidoptera (moths & butterflies). There are an estimated 175,000 species of Lepidoptera, most of which are rarely photographed. Species identification is further complicated by distinct adult and immature stages (caterpillars), and often a lack of concrete visual diagnostics for separation between near-identical species. The goal of the competition is to push state-of-the-art classification of real world data that contains high class imbalance and high intraclass variability.

The Fieldguide Challenge dataset contains over 5000 species, with a combined training and testing set of over 530,000 images that have been collected and verified by multiple authors of Fieldguide. The dataset features visually-similar species, many of which are highly polymorphic, various stages in the species’ lifecycle (larvae vs adult), as well as species that are often misidentified as a moth/butterfly (e.g. caddisflies).

Competition Details

The competition itself is being hosted on Kaggle.

Competition Begins 28 March 2019

Submission Deadline 1 June 2019