iNaturalist Competition 2018


As part of the FGVC5 workshop at CVPR 2018 we are conducting the iNaturalist 2018 large scale species classification competition. The goal of this competition is to push the state of the art in automatic image classification for real world data that features a large number of fine-grained categories with high class imbalance. The dataset contains over 8,000 species, with a combined training and validation set of 450,000 images that have been collected and verified by multiple users from iNaturalist. The dataset features many visually similar species, captured in a wide variety of situations, from all over the world.

Competition Details

Checkout the iNaturalist Competition Github repo for the specifics of the dataset and download links. The competition itself is being hosted on Kaggle.

Competition Begins February 2018

Submission Deadline 4th June 2018

Differences from iNat2017

The 2018 dataset contains more species than last year's competition. It also contains a full taxonomy, a longer tail, and a new evaluation metric. For more details on iNat2017 please consult this paper.

Workshop Slides

Slides from the competition overview and presentations from the top two teams can be found here.