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Welcome to my personal page!

I'm a Ph.D. candidate at the Community Ecology and Biogeography Lab at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

I am fascinated with the complex processes of life organization and the diversity of lifeforms on Earth. Oftentimes, I immerse in thoughts about biodiversity variation across spatiotemporal gradients. As such, my aims are to establish a research program to explore the fundamental ecological and evolutionary aspects of biodiversity change. A current challenge of biodiversity science is to move research beyond simple data correlations to infer the process and mechanisms underpinning biodiversity patterns. However, conceptual developments to forecast biodiversity dynamics are lagging behind the recent efforts to increase the availability of global data on biodiversity and the environment.

In my research, I focus to understand the mechanisms of conserved processes such as the assembly of local species multitrophic communities from larger and continuously evolving species pools, or the spatiotemporal aggregation of biodiversity in meta-communities. The increase in the connectivity among researchers by the internet creates initiatives to harmonize biodiversity data at global scales. Moreover, novel technologies such as metagenomics, make possible the discovery of an extraordinary amount of data on biodiversity, which was previously hidden to our eyes. In parallel, remote sensing and climatic modeling provide us with a global picture of the abiotic diversity on the planet. The integration of multidimensional data on biodiversity and the environment is a promissory research avenue to reach a comprehensive understanding of biodiversity change. Fundamental knowledge about the processes structuring biodiversity have large implications, that reach beyond conservation efforts, and can spill over to foster progress in medical and informational science.

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New papers out!

Trait-based inference of ecological network assembly. A conceptual framework and a methodological toolbox. Ec. Monographs.

Biodiversity Observations Miner: A web application to unlock primary biodiversity data from published literature. Biodiversity Data Journal

A synthesis of animal‐mediated seed dispersal of palms reveals distinct biogeographical differences in species interactions. Journal of Biogeography