2023 Commissioners Election is 12/12!

The Fishers Fire Commissioner Election

Tuesday December 12th, 2023

3 pm-9 pm pm

Fisher's Fire Station #2, 

380 High St, Victor, NY 14564

Who we're supporting:

5 Year Term:

George Heltz

3 Year Term:

Tim Maher

1 Year Term:

Criag Urciuoli

Hello Concerned Citizen!

We have lots of exciting news to share with you! 

First off, Dan Benulis has stepped up and volunteered to join the Fishers Board of Fire Commissioners for the open seat that Deb Hogan recently turned over. Dan is a longtime resident and brings over 30 years of Corporate Finance and Real Estate experience to the Board. Additionally, Dan has been active in local government and volunteering, serving 7 years on the Town of Victor Planning Board and is on the Serenity House Board. Thank you Dan for volunteering to serve.

Second, we are very happy to announce the candidates that we are endorsing for the three open positions that are up for election on December 12th. With your support for these strong candidates, we can sweep the elections and control all five seats on the Board of Commissioners. The candidates and the specific term they are running for are:


George Heltz is the current Board Chairman and is running for the 5 year term that is open. George is a 25 year resident and has a deep background in Finance and Information Technology. Through his leadership, the board held the 2024 budget to a 2.6% increase from last year and within the NY State Tax cap. In November, George is putting forth a resolution that will create a "Contingency and Tax Stabilization Reserve Fund" which can be used to help offset future tax increases. He also helped to pass a tax credit to support and encourage volunteer firefighters, who he believes are critically important to the Fishers Fire District.

Tim Maher is running for the open 3 year term on the Board. Another longterm resident, Tim brings a very strong background which includes Corporate Operations and Organization Management experience as well as founding and growing a successful local business over the last 20 years. On top of that, Tim was the Deputy Mayor of Victor and served as the Liaison to the Victor Fire Department for 8 years. Tim is committed to ensuring resident and firefighter safety, while also managing in a financially responsible manner. His experience will be a great asset to the Board of Commissioners.

Craig Urciuoli has been a resident for over 30 years and is excited to run for the 1 year term that is open on the Board. Over his 40-year career, Craig developed a deep background in Information Technology as well as business process design. These skills and his leadership experience will be a strong addition to the Board. Craig has been a longtime volunteer at Lollypop Farm and is looking forward to giving back to the community by volunteering for this position.

Once these candidates win, they will join Tony Carfagno on the board and WE can really accomplish what the Taxpayer Coalition set out to do. We will maintain great service but will manage it in a financially responsible and taxpayer friendly manner.

Our main priority for 2024 will be to continue the Regionalization work that Heltz and Carfagno are actively engaged in. This is focused on merging the Fishers, Mendon, and Honeoye Falls Fire Districts. The combined district will benefit from the high level of service that our professional firefighters provide but also spread the costs across a larger tax footprint. This will be a huge benefit to taxpayers from that perspective AND continue the great service that residents in Fishers currently have. 

Election Details: Elections will be held on Tuesday, December 12th from 3 pm to 9 pm. You must vote in person at Fishers Fire Station, 380 High Street. Each candidate is running for a separate seat on the board based on the length of the term and we need you to VOTE FOR ALL 3. 


Please mark your calendar and share this email with friends and family. 


We suggest adding this to your calendar, including the names of the candidates.


As always, we appreciate your support. 

Your friends at the Fishers Taxpayer Coalition.

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