Fernie Tiflis

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Student Testimonials

"Fernie immediately squashed most of my fears by sharing some comforting words before we began. After we finished the (alternate nostril) breathing technique, I felt a sense of nostalgia and peace that I have never felt in my previous experience with yoga. It made me feel as if I could reach the same level of peace I gained from the session on my own."


"I truly stand for everything that she is doing for the community and Chicago youth as a whole. I personally work with children from North Chicago and Waukegan and being able to implement some of the techniques ... has been beneficial to all of us. The importance of finding some inner peace in a world that I know is so confusing and scary to them while incorporating some fun has been so important to me, so hearing her backstory is extremely encouraging."


"She brings attention to our breathing first, which is more vital than poses, because if we can’t regulate our breathing then we won’t be able to properly hold our poses. The way she taught was very clear headed and confident, with a guiding voice."

Hello and Welcome!

Practicing yoga was never just about the physical benefits. It’s about learning to accept who you are and what you’re capable of each time you come to the mat. I believe that yoga is about meeting the better version of yourself each time, in each asana. To me, moving my body is meditation.

I am committed to creating spaces that are for everyone and anyone, regardless of race, ability, or experience. I've had the privilege to hold spaces at the following settings: community and youth centers, juvenile detention, addiction recovery centers, and more. 

I approach my teachings through the lens of trauma-informed and healing-centered practices, recognizing that each of us have experiences that make us individually unique. I meet each student where they're at, and encourage them to extend their practice beyond their mats. My approach is gentle, supportive, and collaborative. I teach a blend of healing tools that I practice myself - pranayama (breath work), energy healing, and journaling, in addition to movement and meditation. 

As a student of life, I am always learning. I believe that looking within is a necessary first step in order to heal together collectively.

May you be kind to yourself and everyone around you.