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Hi there!

My name is Ajana and I am a musician and educator.

who I am

My name is Ajana Ferner, and I have been playing piano for eighteen years. I first started taking lessons when I was four and really began to develop a deep love for music when I began lessons with our church pianist at the age of fifteen. In high school, I began playing for offertories and congregational singing in our church. I also competed in the WCBC Fine Arts Competition and received first place and command performances. Once I finished high school, I attended West Coast Baptist College for four years where I majored in music. While there, I was also able to teach piano, violin, and guitar for four years, along with several elementary and junior high vocal classes. Since graduating, I have been able to start my own private music studio, and I have loved every minute of it!

Currently, my husband and I live in Tacoma, Washington where we are serving at Mountain Highway Baptist Church as the music directors. Jack is a secondary teacher at a local Christian school, while I have the privilege of building up my piano studio full time, along with arranging and recording music in my spare time. I am so excited to reach out to new students and influence them in their love for music!