Who we are..

Fenice and Drakos

Our story begins with a decade long friendship that evolved into a loving relationship through circumstance, trauma and divine timing. A harmonious flow of energy and ethereal guidance brought us on an adventure far beyond anything we could predict or plan. Open minds, creative thinking, and the ability to trust in the unknown allowed us to find art where it did not exist before.
"Fenice" Italian PhoenixLoretta Corbisiero, M.A., M.S.Ed., an Art Historian, Educator, notable Curator of several prominent art exhibits and Administrator of considerable community engagement projects she embraces the art experience for all. Overcoming many obstacles and rising above adversity Loretta ascends like the Phoenix - bringing new life to unexpected encounters.
"Drakos" Greek DragonVasilios Drakos, Master Plumber by trade, artist by chance. His discovery of art came at a time when he no longer recognized himself. A discovery in an unexpected form, in plain sight. The dragon symbolizes wisdom, power and strength, the attributes that allowed him to take control and move forward.

Resume Loretta Corbisiero

Dragon & Phoenix, Mike Mastermaker, 2019