Emotional Intelligence Life Coach in Orlando for individuals with above average IQ, introversion, autism, and ADHD. Helping you actualize what empowers you, envision what makes you happy, realize steps to bring dreams to fruition, facilitate goal setting to unlock potential and growth, and tap into your creativity of mind, body, and spirit to allow you to develop creative solutions to problem analysis and solving.

With use of Socratic method, we guide you to finding the answers you have within you. By actualizing your happiness, we can discover your purpose in life and unlock your potential.


Above average intelligence quotient (IQ), introverted, individuals with or without autism and/or ADHD, individuals with low confidence and/or self-esteem and efficacy.

Why Angeline Low?

Individuals with above-average IQ, autism, mobius syndrome, alexithymia, and/or ADHD usually process and perceive their environments in a different way than their non- differently abled counterparts, which is why you need someone who understands how your mind works. Selecting a life coach can be intimidating, so one would do well with a coach who has encountered similar obstacles to navigate you through unique times.

Coaching Niches



  • The Coach Training Academy: Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

  • The Kaivalya Yoga Method: Certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher

  • Barre Above: Certified Barre Instructor

  • American Council on Exercise: Certified Personal Trainer with Orthopedic Exercise Specialization, Health Coach

  • Sanders Center for Performing Arts: Acting

  • Joanderson Modeling School: Modeling


  • Valencia College: AA - Psychology

  • University of Central Florida: BA - Psychology with emphasis on deviance; MS - Criminology / Criminal Justice Research Methods and Design; Graduate Certificate - Crime Analysis; Doctoral courses - Sociology & Public Administration

  • Florida International University: MA - Asian Studies; Doctoral Courses - Public Affairs


  • Over 22 Years: Litigation Paralegal / Independent Contract Paralegal

  • Over 34 Years: Freelance Model; Freelance Makeup Artist; Freelance Photographer; Retail

  • Over 34 Years: Public Speaking & Educating

  • 2017 to Present: Fitness Apparel Brand Ambassador / Fitness Brand Ambassador / Beauty Brand Ambassador / Fitness Instructor; Mindfulness / Meditation Guide; Corporate Wellness Officer

  • 2018 to 2021: Vitamix Brand Ambassador / Sales