Freedom Boat Club Sales Thoughts and Training

All sales communications go to Larry (07/27/2021)

Good Afternoon Team,

Just a heads up when it comes to communication and who to reach out to please bring any and all issues to me. Tommy and his team have other tasks to focus on so we are distributing some of their duties to other people. Going forward if you have ANYTHING you need answered, fixed, resolved that pertains to sales, the commission report, members, prospects, start dates, training, payments, etc. Please send all those issues/concerns to me and I will have them distributed appropriately until further notice.

Thank you!

Quater Goals - 595

Jake Weaver - 80

Bill Bram - 80

Jason C. - 80

Brooke C. - 65

Donald - 50

Jeff k. - 50

Aj - 32

intercom/Barrie - 30

Ronin - 24

Marcos - 20

Rick P. - 10

Will - 12

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