Virtual Plant Science
Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens

  • The mission of Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens, Inc. (FBBG) is to provide a garden setting for inquiry-based learning and engagement that nurtures understanding, enjoyment, and stewardship of our natural world while nourishing and preserving the gardens for future generations.

  • The Gardens provide a unique opportunity to learn how plants live and grow and to gain an understanding of the full extent of a plant’s life cycle. It is a place to learn, to experience, and to be amazed - even if only virtually at this time!

  • This Learning Journey teaches students about the importance of plants, how essential they are to wildlife and the natural ecosystem, plant needs, the parts of a plant, and the functions of each part.

  • As part of this journey, in your homes, we encourage students to eat vegetable snacks to try each part of a plant (e.g., carrots (root), celery (stem), spinach (leaf), broccoli (flower), tomato (fruit), and snap pea (seed).

  • We also hope students venture outside, in all weather conditions, to tour a garden or natural areas throughout Milwaukee County to experience
    plants and wildlife in person!