About Me!

I am a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University. I have been a licensed professional engineer since 1986. I worked in the industry for 8.5 years before joining the academic rank at the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 1994. I also served as the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at Dalhousie University for four years. In 2008, I received the Faculty of Engineering “Senior Research Professor of the Year” award.

I am mainly interested in the characterization of advanced industrial materials through computational and experimental methods, primarily with the aim of developing effective materials and structural components, hence providing cost-effective solutions to the industry. I have conducted extensive computational modeling and experimental studies into the characterization of:

- Fiber-reinforced composite materials

- Nanocomposites

- Structural health monitoring using smart sensors and materials

- Fatigue and fracture of materials

- Impact response of structural materials

I have conducted several engineering projects for various agencies such as the Defence Research Canada Atlantic, Directorate of Aerospace Engineering, Canadian Space Agency and General Dynamics Canada, and several US entities (e.g., Grumman Aerospace, Boeing and Textron Helicopter), as well as various international and national manufacturing and consulting firms.