About Me!

Farid Taheri is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University, where he has made significant contributions to both academia and industry. He obtained his professional engineering license in 1986., and spent 8.5 years working in various sectors of the industry, gaining practical knowledge. In January 1994, he transitioned to academia. His dedication to research and training of highly qualified personnel secured him the Faculty of Engineering “Senior Research Professor of the Year” award in 2008.

FaridTaheri's scholarly output has been published in over 200 papers in international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journals. Moreover, he has played a pivotal role in training scholars and graduate students, having mentored 8 post-doctoral fellows, along with 30 doctoral and 31 master-level students.

 His research interests have been concentrated on the advancement of industrial materials, focusing on their characterization through a blend of computational and experimental methodologies. His research has aimed at developing and characterizing resilient materials and components capable of withstanding harsh and highly nonlinear loading conditions mainly suited for aerospace and automotive applications.

His research portfolio includes a diverse range of topics, including the characterization of fibre-reinforced composite materials, nanocomposites, structural health monitoring utilizing smart sensors and materials, and comprehensive assessments of fatigue, fracture, and impact behaviours of materials. Through extensive computational modelling and experimental investigations, his research team has strives to develop and promote lightweight, cost-effective and recyclable materials.