Sons of AMVETS

Sons of AMVETS is a SERVICE Organization with the following programs: 

1. Serve our AMVETS (Parent Organization) -- Legislation and Joint programs.

2. Serve our Youth – Scholarships and Junior AMVETS . 

3. Serve out Community -- Community Service 

4. Serve our Country -- Americanism 

5. Serve our Hospitalized Veterans -- V.A.V.S. 

   Sons of AMVETS 

Officers and Chairs


Join the Sons of AMVETS

Sons of AMVETS membership brochure application.pdf

Eligibility for membership in Sons of AMVETS shall be limited to all male descendants, grandsons, adopted sons, and stepsons, fathers, husbands, widowers and brothers of members of AMVETS and deceased members of AMVETS, or service personnel who died and would have been eligible for membership in the parent AMVETS organization, and are at least (18) years of age and are not eligible for membership in the parent organization. This is not to include in-laws of any type. 

To become a member of the Sons of AMVETS, contact your local Sons of AMVETS Squadron at 701-235-0426  or stop in the club.

Membership Application

The Sons of AMVETS, as its name implies, is a nationwide organization comprised of the sons of American veterans who are members of AMVETS. The Sons play an active role in promoting AMVETS’ legislative agenda, providing services to hospitalized veterans and supporting charitable initiatives.