Where we are

John Greenley Memorial

AMVETS Post #7

1001 1st Avenue South

Fargo, ND 58103



  1. To serve our country in peace and in times of war; to build and maintain the welfare of the United States of America toward lasting prosperity and peace for all its inhabitants.

  2. To encourage, in keeping with policies of our Government, the establishment of a concrete plan to secure permanent international peace and to assist in the maintenance of international peace.

  3. To inspire in our membership a sense of responsibility, to develop leadership for the preservation of our American democratic way of life and to help unify divergent groups in the overall interest of American democracy.

  4. To aid in in the fulfillment of the aims, purposes and interests of AMVETS (American Veterans), or parent organization, and to cooperate with all duly recognized veterans organizations in the furtherance of the aims of the American Veteran.

  5. To train our youth to become purposeful citizens in a democracy with full knowledge of the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship.

  6. To keep the American public forever reminded that the veteran served to preserve peace, liberty and democracy for our nation.

  7. To promote the welfare and fellowship of our members and their families. 8. To recognize that the organization known as AMVETS was chartered by Congressional action on July 23, 1947.

AMVETS Officers and Chairs

  • COMMANDER - Juleann Miller

  • 1st Vice - Steve Leedahl

  • 2nd Vice - Allen Rausch

  • Adjutant- Danny Montana

  • Judge Advocate - Gary Himmerich

  • Finance Officer - Vern Dunnick

  • Provost Marshal - Ed Kania

  • Chaplin - Danny Montana

  • Service Master - N/A

  • Quarter Master - Rick Olek

  • Public Relations Officer - Ed Kania

  • Secretary - Wayne Kruger

  • Gaming - Rick Olek

  • House Board - Scott Breson

  • Building & Grounds - Bill Gerlach

  • Bar - Eric Swanson


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