Fan Xie

I am a graduate student at Northeastern Khoury College of Computing, graduating in May of 2021, with a concentration on machine learning and artificial intelligence. I am currently a machine learning researcher with advising professor Dr. Rose Yu and robotics professor Dr. Lawson Wong. Prior to graduate school, I have worked for a few years as an actuary in various quantitative risk management roles of increasing responsibility. See my resume for more details.

Research Interests: My skills are in deep imitation learning for robotic manipulation. My current research is around unsupervised and semi-supervised disentangling of sequential demonstration data. I am generally interested in bridging the gap between novel machine learning and deep learning methods and their application for business innovation.

Work Experience: Prior to my Master's, I have several years of work experience in financial risk modeling as an actuary in the Life and Annuities industry. My expertise is in stochastic modeling for pricing and valuation of variable annuity products. My most recent role at Great West Financial was on a small team where I transformed the pricing models for the company's variable annuity business from deterministic models to stochastic on stochastic models using Moody's AXIS. I also am experienced with insurance experience analysis, using predictive analytics to update projection model assumptions.

Hobbies: I am interested in the topics of finance/investing, technology, music, and any topics on understanding why things work the way they do. In my spare time, I am a Dragonboat paddler and head coach on CYPN Storm.