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Past Events Highlights:


City Bank Fundraisers in 2020, 2021 & 2022 provided opportunities to vote for FPO to win funds!  We were successful each year, thanks to our volunteers who voted faithfully!
April 26, 2019  Annual  Celebration and Fundraiser
Bake Sale Barn G Ector County Collesium on February 2: Over $900 was raised for Family Promise!
Bob Smiley Fundraiser  in August, 2018  was a big night of  entertainment and the fundraising efforts were a big success!  Thank You to all who helped!  Over $11,000 was raised!
Jalisco's Fundraiser:  Over $4,000 was raised  at the May, 2018 Enchilada  Dinner   at Jalisco's  Resturant on Grandview  in Odessa!  Many Thanks to owner: Martin Gonzalez and the staff at Jalisco's!  YUM! YUM!