I pride myself on honesty and complete transparency. Since I have chosen to cater to a niche market, I want to make sure that I am as forthcoming as possible about what I can and cannot do. 

I've just realized that over the decades that I have dedicated myself to this craft, that a lot of people have talent, but do not really know where to begin or how to go about getting started. 

I definitely do not have all of the answers, but I have managed to use the resources available to me to achieve my dreams of being a recording artist. I don't do this for fame or fortune by any means, but simply to use my talents for the Glory of God and his kingdom. It's really always been a hobby for me, and something that I enjoy doing. If I can help others out in some way, I am willing to do that.

Of course over the years I have ran into more than my fair share of those who take and do not give in return, or if they do give it still wasn't enough to replace my current wages. So, in the end I do not want to say it was a waste of time, because it benefited them in some way, but unfortunately it hurt me in the process. So at this stage of my life I want to make sure that I am being paid for my time in a fair way.

I could charge by the hour, or I could charge by the project, it just depends on everything the project entails. So, with that said, everything is negotiable. I just want whoever is reading this to know, that I operate as if God is watching because he always is. This is also why I am very stern who I invite over to my studio and who I work with. Since I am not operating as a public business, but as a private service I am able to have that flexibility.

Feel free to email me at or text me at 614-881-8964