Audio/ Video Engineering

Free Age Multimedia is a Multimedia company located in the Central Columbus, Ohio area. We are highly focused on creating Christian content and servicing the Christian Community worldwide. 

Popular Packages

All that I need to get started creating your instrumental is the Pitch, BPM and Genre. 

We can set up a zoom meeting to scroll over the selection of Instrumentals for you to pick from. 

Once you've decided on the instrumental you want, and the payment is secured I will send you a zip folder containing the following:

MIDI Instruments, Tracked Out Stems, Mixed and Mastered Instrumental.

 After that the copyright can take a few days, maybe sooner.

If you are local to the Columbus, Ohio area and willing to travel close to central downtown Columbus, we can schedule a time for you to come to my apartment studio to record your vocals. 

Basic mixing and mastering is available in real time. All master session files will be given to artist so they can have them on record to do as they wish, in the event they are not pleased with the outcome of the final rendering.

This choice is mainly for Christian Singers and Hip Hop Recording Artist that may not be versed in all of the options available to them to this on their own.

Not only will I show you how I do all of this for myself, I will refer you to resources I personally use.

 My current studio is not equipped for instrument recordings, but I can provide referrals for studios that can.

The services for this package are conveniently priced for those who may be on a budget. 

If you want to hit the ground running and record a song and video, where you will combine Packages A & B.  I will allocate 24 hours over a 3 day time frame for you to select an instrumental, record your song (basic mixing and mastering incl.), and film your video (music video editing, arrangement and rendering incl).

3-4 Local locations for the video shoot are permitted, as well as the ability for chroma key options.

These services are modestly priced for those on a budget, I do not use state of the art technology or equipment. This will not be a multimillion dollar film studio set up, this is just a basic means to get something out there for the artist.