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Ever since he was a boy, Wyatt has always wanted to join the ranks of the Military, those warriors who defend Humanity’s home, Polygon. The Military fends off Creatures from the Wildlands who occasionally try to invade the walls of Polygon, enforces the much-revered Laws, and hunts down organized crime within Polygon’s borders. Perhaps most importantly, the Military stands ready in the event that war breaks out with the faraway Wolves, a humanoid race with technology, scientific knowledge, and a worldview utterly alien to Humans. At long last, the nineteen-year-old has earned his stripes as a rookie Soldier in the Military, and his superiors have taken notice.

But when two Wolves arrive in Polygon to make a trade with Polygon’s leaders, Wyatt’s early days as a Soldier take a terrifying turn. The relationship between the Humans and the Wolves has always been on shaky ground, and many hoped that this business deal might reduce risk of war. That hope was quashed when one of the visiting Wolves, Kara, is found cleanly decapitated by the streets of Polygon’s Capital. Human leaders are eager to find someone to blame, and all evidence points to Wyatt. 

Wyatt insists that he was framed, but Human Law is uncompromising. As Wyatt is taken in a Wolf aircraft to the land of the Wolves for trial, Wyatt’s friends remain in Polygon in order to discover who really killed Kara. 

Their ship encounters a vicious windstorm that leaves them stranded in the Wildlands, the vast and Creature-ridden territory between the Human and Wolf societies. Wyatt quickly discovers that forces from across the continent are conspiring…but to what end? The Human Soldier must not only prove that he is innocent of Kara’s murder, but he must also stay one step ahead of a nameless, faceless enemy that wishes to use Wyatt for its own purposes.


I’m Logan Chipkin. I’ve always had passions for both science and writing. I have been published in Physics World, Areo, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Gizmodo, History Magazine, Bitcoin Magazine, The Libertarian Institute, FQXi, and many other publications. 

I recently wrote a fantasy novel, Windfall. You can buy a Kindle edition here.

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