Logan Chipkin

Freelance writer. Ghostwriter for hire.


I’m Logan Chipkin, a freelance writer and ghostwriter for hire. I’ve always had passions for both science and writing. I have been published in Physics World, Areo, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Gizmodo, History Magazine, and many other publications.

I am also currently writing a fiction novel, titled "Windfall". Check out my Substack, where I post chapters from time to time.

In addition to freelance and fiction writing, my primary occupation is ghostwriting. I have ghostwritten books in genres such as memoir, business advice, self-help, medical mystery fiction, and geopolitical thriller fiction.

My ghostwriting team can also create your book's cover art and website.

If you’re interested in my ghostwriting services or know someone who might be, please contact me at: chipkin.logan@gmail.com.

Publications & Writings

Articles about science, philosophy, economics, history, and more.

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We talk about our deepest theories across science, philosophy, economics, and morality. We also explore the history of ideas.