I’m Logan Chipkin. I’m a freelance writer and ghostwriter for hire. I’ve always had passions for both science and writing. I wrote and published my first fiction novel, Heart of Ice, when I was eighteen. In college, at the University of Pennsylvania, I majored in physics and continued to write fiction stories, although my focus shifted more to science and philosophy. After spending some time working at the international bank, UBS, I returned to academia, earning a master’s degree in biology. In particular, I studied evolutionary theory. While in graduate school, I also began writing again. Instead of writing a fiction, I began writing nonfiction articles for various publications, links to most of which can be found across this site. I continue to write articles about science, philosophy, economics, culture, and history. Some of my pieces are op-eds, others are journalistic, while still others are stories about a particular idea or event in history. I have been published in Physics World, Areo, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Gizmodo, Quillette, and many other publications.

In addition to freelance writing, my other current occupation is ghostwriting. I write for clients through a company called Kevin Anderson & Associates, a world-class ghostwriting, editing, and publishing navigation company centered in New York. I also ghostwrite for private clients. I have ghostwritten books in genres such as biographical, business advice, self-help, medical mystery fiction, and geopolitical thriller fiction. If you’re interested in my ghostwriting services or know someone who might be, please contact me at: chipkin.logan@gmail.com.
I am also executive editor of Conjecture Magazine, an online magazine whose aim is to publish articles that expand on our best explanations in philosophy and elsewhere.
I'm currently writing a fiction novel, titled "Windfall". You can find some early chapters on Substack. The more support I receive, the more time and effort I can spend on completing my book. You can support me on Patreon.