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The FairShares Model is an approach to developing and constituting multi-stakeholder social enterprises that build on the traditions of the co-operative sector. Its unique approach is to offer membership to social entrepreneurs (founder members), the workforce (labour members) and those who use the products/services of the coop (user members). In some models, membership is extended to patient investors. All parties have a voice in governing bodies.

This site contains FairShares 'rules generators' that enable you to generate rules for your enterprise. You can use these to form, register and incorporate FairShares companies, societies, associations and partnerships.

When you generate rules, you can take one of two approaches:

  1. Start with a blank form and answer all the questions yourself;
  2. Choose forms with settings for a particular language, country context and/or industry.

After filling out the form, you can receive a free editable Word document, which can be checked (for a fixed fee), or supported with bespoke consultancy from a specialist (variable fee).

The rules created by this website apply FairShares Model v3.x to the incorporation of new cooperative companies, societies, partnerships and associations. How would you like to incorporate your FairShares enterprise?

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