The Texas Instruments Ti99/4A was the first computer I ever got my hands on as a kid. Although I was too young to actually develop anything for it back then, I sensed its potential and now I have two upcoming games for it coming in digital and physical format in 2022.


Space Treat Ti

What started as a proof of concept for a development toolchain on the Ti99/4A eventually became a full and enhanced port of my Atari 2600 game Space Treat.

The game has been released at the Evoke 2022 demoparty to warm reception and is currently available for download in its preview version here:

You may also wanna check the Pouet page here:

A full version is coming soon, together with a physical release if you would like to play it on real hardware!

Thanks so much to Mat64 for the amazing work on the aural department!

VGM Converter

VGM2XB can convert VGM songs/modules to a friendly and very compact Ti99 Basic and Extended Basic (XB) format.

The VGM format is a very popular and widely adopted song/module standard across many platforms of 8-bit computers and consoles.

It can be generated using tools like, but not limited to, "Mod2PSG2": https://www.smspower.org/Music/Mod2PSG2

VGM2XB can convert VGM songs (with some limitations described below) to be used in compiled Extended Basic on the Ti99/4A home computer by Texas Instruments. Read more about it on the Ti99IUC dedicated page.

Download it here (v1.1).

COMING SOON: Zoomblox!