Fabienne Martin, linguist

I am a semanticist in the Compressor Group of the LeibnizDream ERC project (PIs A. Alexiadou, M.-T. Guasti, U. Sauerland).

Contact: firstname.lastname@hu-berlin.de

You can find a copy of my CV (in German) here (with a list of publications)

Upcoming talks

  • Fabienne Martin. SynSem Seminar, LLING, U. Nantes. Scaling agents via dimensions.

  • Artemis Alexiadou, Imke Driemel, Johannes Hein, Fabienne Martin, Yining Nie, TBA. Talk in the IGRA program, Leipzig.

  • Sehrang Joo, Sami Yousif, Fabienne Martin, Frank Keil and Joshua Knobe, No privileged link between intentionality and causation: Generalizable effects of agency in language. Talk at CogSci 2022, Toronto.

  • Chiara Dal Farra, Fabienne Martin, Yining Nie, Maria Teresa Guasti and Artemis Alexiadou, Bigger is better! Older Italian children prefer heavy locative prepositions, talk at GALA, Frankfurt.