I recently completed my PhD in University of Southern California, working on algebraic combinatiorics, under the direction of Prof. Sami Assaf. I work with symmetric and quasisymmetric functions and Young tableaux, and I am mainly interested in type B and C analogues of type A constructions. Some of my other interests are: crystal bases, permutation statistics, key polynomials, lattice paths and combinatorial games. At the moment, I am a visiting instructor in Galatasaray University, Turkey.


A counter example to the Shuffle Compatiblity conjecture, 2018, arXiv: 1807.01398

(with S. Assaf) A local characterization of crystals for the quantum queer superalgebra, 2017 (submitted), arXiv:1803.06317

Connecting peak and descent polynomials, 2018 (submitted), arXiv: 1806.05353

A Note on Jing and Li's Type B Quasisymmetric Schur Functions, Annals of Combinatorics (to appear), arXiv:1703.09358

A shifted analogue to ribbon tableaux, Journal of Combinatorics (to appear), arXiv:1701.07497

(with S. Assaf) Crystal graphs for shifted tableaux, Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire 80B (2018) Article #26, 12pp., arXiv:1802.07352 , arXiv: 1802.07352