Dr. VK Raju

The Eye Foundation of America began its work in 1979 in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA with the vision of ophthalmologist V.K. Raju, MD.

EFA grew out of his earlier work providing services and treatment near his birthplace in Rajahamundry, a town in Southeast India’s Andhra Pradesh. Raju organized teams to go to remote areas and deliver eye care in areas where there otherwise were none. These traveling clinics were known as “eye camps.” (Eye camps remain a standard part of the Foundation’s services today.)

Raju dedicated virtually all the time he had outside his busy ophthalmological practice in West Virginia and used his own funds to cover many of the expenses. Eventually it became apparent that the lack of accessible, affordable eye care was very large and shared by an enormous number of people worldwide. In order to battle avoidable blindness on a global scale and to gain strength by partnering with other organizations, Raju created the 501 © 3 nonprofit organization that we know today as the Eye Foundation of America.

Today’s Foundation has grown far beyond its original size and scope but never outgrew the vision of its founder, who continues to look ahead. EFA has built modern eye hospitals and trained ophthalmic assistants and other personnel to carry on our work. We provide workshops and fellowships for physicians and medical students throughout the world. We also conduct research to find better ways of preventing blindness, to learn how to distribute Vitamin A efficiently, and to determine how to maximize our efforts so that we can do more with less.

EFA relies on gracious contributions of donors and sponsors to continue our mission of eliminating avoidable blindness in children worldwide. Thank you for your support.

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