Statistics on Childhood Blindness

In 2006, Raju and the Eye Foundation of America started the Goutami Eye Institute; a fully-equipped eye hospital in Rajahmundry, India, with a wing dedicated to children’s eye problems. The Institute, also a teaching hospital, has trained 200 Ophthalmologists, served 400,000 patients, and performed 20,000 surgeries in the short time it has been in operation.

Since the inception of EFA, 1.5 million patients were treated in eye camps and outpatient settings and more than 250,000 vision-saving surgeries have been completed.

  • Number of outreach camps: 386 for adults; 64 for children
  • Number of school children screened (since 2007): 34,000/year
  • Number of teachers trained for eye screening the children: 500
  • Fellows from Nigeria, Afghanistan, China, India, Denmark & USA are trained at Goutami: total of 22.
  • 65000 outpatient visits at the base hospital
  • 20,000 surgeries
  • 1,500 pediatric surgeries
  • 4 CME (continuing medical education) programs: 92 ophthalmologists attended
  • 22 children residing in school for the blind are restored with functional vision by surgical interventions.
  • 3843 tribals were operated for cataract