Evrim Baran

Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Human-Computer InteractionIowa State University

Evrim Baran is an associate professor of educational technology and human-computer education at Iowa State University. Her research examines effective strategies for the design of mobile, online, and flexible learning environments in teacher education, engineering education, and STEM learning contexts. Dr. Baran projects were funded by national and international agencies (e.g., NSF, European Commission, German Research Foundation, and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) to implement technology solutions in the educational contexts of different countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Turkey. She published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings on technology and teacher education, online teaching, and STEM education. Her scholarship, service, and teaching have been recognized by numerous awards including AERA TICL SIG Outstanding International Research Collaboration, AERA TACTL SIG early career award, and outstanding paper awards at AERA, SITE, and AECT conferences. Dr. Baran teaches courses on instructional design, program evaluation, and online teaching/learning.

Evrim Baran holds a PhD in curriculum and instructional technology and human-computer interaction at Iowa State University. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship within the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Baran leads the Learning Technologies and Teacher Education (LATTE) research group that she founded in 2011.

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