Evelyn Frame

for SLCUSD School Board

It is an honor to be endorsed by the SLCTA Teachers Association. Thank you!

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Evelyn C. Frame for SLCUSD 1-2h 10.25.18 Revision 3.pdf

LETTER TO THE EDITOR- published October 31, 2018

Evelyn Frame for San Luis Coastal school board

We are writing to support Evelyn Frame for the San Luis Coastal School Board. Evelyn taught children for 30 years. Her extensive and recent experience in the classroom gives her an understanding of how children learn that is unmatched on the present board.

She knows how board decisions affect student learning. She understands the need to monitor student progress, but she has listened to parents and teachers who are troubled by the amount of district-mandated testing that has curtailed classroom time for hands-on science, social studies, art, and music.

There are many other roads to evaluating student learning. Evelyn Frame will bring fresh ideas and classroom perspective to these decisions.

Evelyn can help develop innovative approaches to the budget. She will work to ensure fiscal transparency so parents and taxpayers understand how their money is spent and how it contributes to student learning.

Evelyn has kept abreast of board decisions through audio recordings of meetings. She knows the issues. Teachers, parents and a wide range of community members support her. She has the passion, understanding, collaboration skills, and deep love for our schools that will serve us well in the years ahead.

– Therese Kersten and Judy Neuhauser, Los Osos; Don Nicholson, Katie Peters and Janie Holland, San Luis Obispo

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My priority for serving on the Board is to be accountable to students, parents, community members and district stakeholders while promoting fiscal transparency and accountability that serves the needs of all students.

  • Parent input will be front and center in determining the learning focus for their local school .
  • Classroom teacher expertise, innovation, and input will drive Board priorities within the framework of best teaching practices.
  • Budget decisions will be transparent, deliberate, and prioritize the needs of all students who deserve the right to be challenged and supported to grow as learners and citizens.

SLCUSD School Board boundaries

The guiding policies of the district are set by the district’s seven member Board of Education in consultation with the district Superintendent. Seven elected trustees comprise the Board of Education. They are elected "at large" and represent the entire district, although there is a requirement that four members reside in Trustee Area 1 and three in Trustee Area 2. Area 1 encompasses the City of San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach, a portion of Pismo Beach (north of Spyglass and west of Hwy 101), and the unincorporated areas between those communities to the southern boundary. Area 2 is comprised of the communities of Los Osos and Morro Bay. The Board is also the employer for everyone working within the district. - from SLCUSD Managers Handbook 7-17.pdf