Volleyball Elite Academy

The academy is still accepting athletes. The flexible nature of the academy is designed for an athlete to come and go and take sessions when it fits into their busy schedules. Due to this design the academy is always taking registrations and athletes can join the basic cycle at any time during the year. Hope to see you on the court.

Registration is a two steps process for the Academy

Step one: Click on the image on the right to access the Virtual Locker Room (For full access to the locker, you first need to create an account.) You should be given access to the Virtual Locker Room within 24 hours. So. try to log in every so often and if 24 hours goes by and you cannot get into the locker room then send an email to saskatooneva@gmail.com.

You will be charged 10 dollars to gain access to the Academy Virtual Locker Room. The people who are the early registration (before March 15, 2017) will not be required to pay this fee.


  • This academy is for athletes between the ages of 10 - 25. A future cycle for older athletes is a possibility.
  • It is designed to develop the skills of volleyball to allow one to reach their potential in the sport.
  • This is not a team development academy (but check out Club team support tab).
  • This is an individual athlete's opportunity to take their skills to the next level.
  • Each session will be filled with athletes who have the ability to become elite athletes in the future. The ratio of athlete to coach will never exceed 10 to one. This will ensure each athlete will be given the individual attention the athletes will need to find success.
  • It is not for everyone and athletes will be selected on a pre-determined criteria for the limited number of spots in the academy. (These sessions will be physically demanding and meant to build on an athlete's volleyball skills)
  • Sessions are not divided by gender.
  • Male and females will train together.
  • There are three different age categories : 14 and under,

16 and under

17 and over

Academy Sessions

Cost for athletes will be 35 dollars a session (a session is a two hour saturday training)

Sessions can be registered individually, in packs of five, seven and ten and are interchangeable between family members and academy cycles.

Apologies for all the confusion as we develop this system. Please ask questions, make suggestion and comments. This system can be tweeked to do almost anything we wish, but we have to work together to make the system work for everyone.

You need to get into the SEVA Virtual Locker Room...this is the main area for information sharing, session support material, forms, paypal receipts, signing up for sessions and communication tool.

You cannot participate in any academy sessions until a benchmarking session has been attended. (so at the very minimum you need to pay for a benchmarking session)

The academy is designed to be flexible for the athletes...I expect them to have a life other than the academy. Each athlete can pick and choose the sessions from any cycle. So, if you have paid for five sessions you can use those for any session that the athlete can attend in any cycle.

Cycles are ten different sessions. Athletes pick and choose the ones they want to attend. When they attend a session you will use one of the session fees. You are not charged for sessions you cannot attend.

The first cycle is a pilot and every athlete who is interested will be able to attend...so there is no such thing as an athlete not making it. The process will start to make sense after we work our way through the first cycle.

The keys points are:


Only pay for what you do

The Locker room is where all the information is shared (so check often)

Ask lots of questions, give lots of suggestions and we will build a structure that will work for everyone.

And last but not least...be patience and sorry for the confusion as we work on designing this system.