Current Projects

  • [2017.3-2020.2] (Principle Investigator) Exploring user experience of augmented reality and virtual reality products, The First Research Grants Program (생애첫연구), NRF.
  • [2018.5-2020.4] (Principle investigator) Exploring public attitude toward various energy sources: An approach of social media big data, The Individual Research Grants Program (신진연구자지원), the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF).
  • [2018.9-2020.8] (Co-Investigator) Interaction Science for Developing Global Human-Informatics Leaders focusing on UI/UX, BK21 Plus Program, NRF.
  • [2019.1-2020.12] (Researcher) SW-oriented College, Sungkyunkwan University, SW-oriented University Supporting Program (SW중심대학지원), the Institute of Information & communication Technology Promotion (IITP).
  • [2019.3-2020.2] (Researcher) Developing a Deep Learning Model for Predicting Service Reuse, The Individual Research Grants Program (이공중견연구), NRF.

Past Projects (2017~)

  • [2018.5.-2018.11] (Co-investigator) Big Data Research for Artificial Intelligence Applications, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI).
  • [2018.4] (Co-investigator) Providing visualization software for the prediction of building-energy consumption patterns based on machine learning, ETRI.
  • [2018.3-2018.8] (Co-investigator) ERICA Center for Software Oriented Society, IITP.
  • [2017.11] (Co-investigator) Suggesting and Providing software for the validation of AI algorithm in ZTEC environment, ETRI.
  • [2017.11-2018.2] (Principle investigator) Designing a Computational Experiment Study, City University of Hong Kong.
  • [2017.9-2018.8] (Co-investigator) Design Science: A convergence research on design and Big Data, The Priority Research Centers Program, NRF.
  • [2017.3-2018.2] (Principle investigator) Successful Innovation diffusion of new products and service, The Internal Research Grants Program, Hanyang University.
  • [2017.3-2018.2] (Principle investigator) Exploring user acceptance of new and renewable energy systems, The Internal Research Grants Program, the RIET of Hanyang University.