Practical information


  • Talks will be held in the conference room at ground floor in the CNR building of Via dei Taurini 19
  • Talks are scheduled every 30 minutes. A talk should last 20 - 25 minutes in order to leave room for question time and change of speakers
  • Conference room is equipped with a standard projector. You can use your own laptop to run the presentation slides. If you want to use the organization laptop please remember to bring a pdf version of your presentation in order to prevent issues.

Places for Lunch

  • Option A - Osteria Rouge, Piazza dei Siculi, 6, 00185 Roma (2 minutes walk)
  • Option B - I Porchettoni, Via dei Marrucini, 18, 00185 Roma (5 minutes walk)
  • Option C - Old Wild West, Via Tiburtina, 25, 00185 Roma (5 minutes walk)
  • Option D - Ciacco & Bacco, Via dei Ramni, 28/30, 00185 Roma (3 minutes walk)
  • Option E - Bar delle Scienze, Via dei Liburni, 28, 00185 Roma (3 minutes walk)
  • Option F - Uffa che pizza, Via dei Taurini, 39, 00185 Roma (1 minute walk)
  • Option G - Ristorante Pizzeria dai Fratelli, Via degli Umbri, 14, 00185 Roma (6 minutes walk)
  • ... many many others to discover :-)

Coffe Breaks

Coffe breaks will be offered in the terrace at fifth floor of the CNR building in Via dei Taurini 19


Wifi is available through eudoram service. Otherwise you can request a temporary username / password at the desk