Current fees

One-hour (US$ 30) or 30-minute (US$15) lesson focused mainly on conversation 

Recommended for those with an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish who want a fun and safe space to practice. During these calls, I’ll look for special materials to suit your particular interests and help you with your communication skills. As we speak, you’ll be also able to polish your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

One-hour lesson (US$ 35) recommended for beginners

Here, you’ll learn Spanish from scratch with a communicative approach. I’ll help you understand how the language system works: we’ll talk about some very basic grammar concepts that will simplify your life and you will slowly be exposed to more and more vocabulary. You’ll learn about the different varieties of Spanish and eventually become a Spanish speaker yourself.

If you are preparing for an exam or if you have another specific need, I can come up with a tailored plan! Send me an email telling me about your requirements.

For bookings and questions send me an email to