CHI Workshop on Ethical Issues With Research Data

Call for Papers

The limitations of formal ethics processes--that they only apply in academic contexts, and then not to how data is used after it is collected, or to publically available data--are well known to HCI researchers. Given the significant increase in publically available data and the more and more frequent forays of HCI into sensitive areas, the ethics of how we handle data post-collection is of increasing research importance.

We invite position papers from participants with ethical challenges in:

  • Using data gathered from less-privileged or currently vulnerable individuals in a respectful way
  • Using publically available data in ethically sensitive and accountable ways
  • Using data gathered legitimately (e.g. data from participants who later withdrew from a study)
  • The use of big data
  • The use of commercial data
  • Working on with sensitive and controversial subjects
  • The potential misuse of critically necessary data (e.g. appropriation of clinical data gathered for one purpose for another purpose)
  • Any other ethical data use challenges not mentioned here

We welcome all relevant proposals regardless of how unconventional they may be.

Participants should submit an abstract of up to four pages in the CHI-Extended Abstract format without identifying materials to allow for double-blind peer review. Papers will be peer reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers. Papers will be reviewed on the basis of their ethical sensitivity, relevance to the workshop themes and their potential to generate discussion at the workshop.

Accepted participants must register for the workshop and at least one day of CHI. Participants can expect a highly interactive workshop, with two panel sessions and two small-group interactive sessions. The long-term aim of this workshop is to generate an edited book.


Submissions should be made via EasyChair. Please upload any contributions in PDF format. In case of any problems contact George Buchanan.

Important Dates

Submission: 2nd February 2018

Notifications of Acceptance: 22nd February 2018