Information Ethics and the Future


This workshop will run from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday 10 November, prior to the ASIS&T Annual meeting. An indicative program is shown below.

The focus sessions will follow a common structure: an introductory panel of short (3 minute) presentations on the theme, from submitted position papers. A short plenary discussion will follow for around 10 minutes. Finally, groups will be formed of 4-6 attendees to discuss identified topics on the theme.

The Working Sessions in the afternoon are slightly shorter, and focus on discussion and novel work, rather than presentations. Sample issues and problems from the focus sessions will be grouped around two themes: 1) deriving principles to guide practice and research; 2) identifying fundamental ethical dilemmas, and providing initial responses to them. Given the limited maturity of existing work in the area, useful insights are likely to be gained among researchers even in a brief discussion.

In the closing plenary, there will be an initial round-up from the workshop leaders, and a reporting back the overall themes from the day. Further reflection and discussion from all participants will follow.

For those that are able to spare the time, a social gathering and communal dinner will follow after the main workshop day