Join Ethical Wedding Professionals

Join Ethical Wedding Professionals

Membership to the Ethical Wedding Professionals group cannot be bought, but is awarded based on merit and the applicants ability to meet the selection criteria. Membership to the group is approved by the admin team consisting of a group of 6 independent wedding suppliers with many years in the wedding industry. There is no fee to join the Ethical Wedding Professionals group.

All approved Ethical Wedding Professionals will be emailed a copy of the EWP logo to use on their website and print media. Approval to use this has been granted based on the wedding supplier or venue upholding all aspects of the Code Of Ethics. Should it be deemed that they are conducting themselves outside the Code Of Ethics they will be asked to remove all EWP promotional markings immediately. Use of the EWP logo and wording after this point will be in breach of the statutory declaration signed as part of the application.

Our Code Of Ethics has been constructed based on what is believed to be best business practice as well as what is morally and ethically right by the bride and groom and other wedding industry businesses.

Two parts form the Ethical Wedding Professionals application. Both parts are to be submitted as part of the application

Ethical Wedding Professionals Application Form - part 1 - online submission

Ethical Wedding Professional Application Form - Stat Dec - part 2 - to be printed, witnessed & returned by email

Ethical Wedding Professionals Statutory Declaration