Ethical Wedding Professionals is administrated by a team of volunteers who work in the wedding industry. As such communication via email or Facebook Messenger is preferred.

So who is behind Ethical Wedding Professionals?

Yes, for quite some time we had deliberately left our names off the Ethical Wedding Professionals site for a reason. We wanted Ethical Wedding Professionals to be all about the group, about the ethics and not about the individuals behind it. We wanted no payment or recognition for what we had established but had a dream to create a group of likeminded wedding professionals who shared the same high ethics and standards that we did and whom were committed to delivering the absolute best level of service to everyone we encounter in the wedding industry, be that bride and groom, venues or fellow wedding suppliers. We believe in a fair playing field for all wedding suppliers and venues and felt that businesses and individuals who operated in this same manner should be promoted.

However we have received numerous requests to know who is behind creating the group and as such are happy to share this with you. We are a small group of Sunshine Coast based wedding suppliers, each with between 10 - 40 years in the wedding industry. We have seen so much change in the wedding industry, mostly for the better, however sadly some not-so-good and as such got together to see what we could do about this. We know we are only a small group with grand plans, but from small things big things grow. By simply bringing an awareness to activities going on in our industry that can be detrimental to so many small operators, as well as, in the end, the bride and groom, we hope to shed light on the fact that this is not the way the majority of wedding suppliers and venues want the industry to head. We value honesty, high ethics, professional conduct and full transparency within our beloved industry. We are joined by Victorian member Jay Allen who assists with the admin and marketing of the group.

The founding members in alphabetical order:

  • Julie-Ann Brown - Cloud Nine Weddings, Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase
  • Suzanne Riley - Suzanne Riley Marriage Celebrant
  • Bill Scurry - Bill Scurry Marriage Celebrant, Austweddings
  • Lisa Thomas - Makeup 4 Brides, Hair 4 Brides, 4 Brides Marketplace
  • Amanda Warren - Beerwah Hideaway Weddings


  • Jay Allen - Wedding Sounds By JLN, Weddings by Jay Allen Marriage Celebrant

Welcome to Ethical Wedding Professionals