The Evansville Transit Authority

ETA is now celebrating their 20th year!

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Schedule for 2022

  • Saturday, January 22nd- 3TA- The Tavern, Derby VT (6:00-9:00)

  • Saturday, February 12th- 3TA- The Gap, Westmore VT (7:00-10:00)

  • Saturday, March 12th- 3TA- Parker Pie Co., West Glover VT (6:00-9:00)

  • Saturday, March 26th- 3TA- American Legion, Newport VT (7:00-10:00)

  • Saturday, June 18th- Private Event

  • Saturday, June 25th- Kingdom Campground, Lyndonville VT (6:30-9:30)

  • Saturday, July 16th- Private Event

  • Saturday, July 23rd- Kingdom Campground, Lyndonville VT (6:30-9:30)

  • Saturday, August 27th- Kingdom Campground, Lyndonville VT (6:30-9:30)

  • Saturay, September 3rd- Private Event

  • Saturday, September 10th- Private Event

  • Saturday, September 24th- Kingdom Campground, Lyndonville VT (6:30-9:30)

  • Sunday, October 2nd- Private Event

About the Band

In addition to their growing repertoire of original material, ETA plays a wide-ranging mix of classic Rock, Country, and Blues from only the very best artists! The band provides an enjoyable collection of material suited for every type of occasion, from weddings and private functions to benefit dances and music festivals that will keep audiences on the dance floor all night! From well-known classic tracks, to your favorite deep cuts, and even some modern material, ETA has it all. Check them out to see why they're called "the Northeast Kingdom's favorite sons"!

Original Music

ETA produced their self-titled debut album, the first to feature all original material at Lovetown Studios in Middlesex, Vermont on February 8th & 9th, 2014. The album is available for digital download on Amazon and iTunes or it can be streamed on Spotify! Physical copies of the CD will be available to purchase at all ETA shows, or by contacting the band through the Contact page!

More original ETA music is on the way!

For more information about all original ETA songs, please visit the "Music" page of this site.