About the Band

The Line-up:

Kyle Chadburn

Lead Guitar/Vocals

Travis LeBlanc


Adam Choiniere

Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Chris Doncaster


The Story of the Band

The Evansville Transit Authority, now in their 21st year as a band, have always held a deep respect for the music they play. The band's philosophy revolves around performing songs by artists that the band members and their audiences know and love, but reinterpreting them in their own unique, organic way. Never restricted by the way a song was originally recorded, the band freely experiments and explores the many possibilities that the music offers, melding songs and ideas together into cohesive sets of non-stop music.  The core of the band has remained solidly in-tact since its inception in 2002, and ETA has become one of the longest-running and most respected bands in Vermont!

Since 2007, ETA has included the vast and acclaimed bass playing skills of Chris Doncaster. Chris brought his unique set of talents and perspectives to the group, and along with Kyle, Adam, and Travis, Chris has been present for ETA's greatest period of success, including jam-packed schedules, sold-out concerts and festivals, and the recording of their first album of original songwriting. Today, ETA continues to have enormous success in their home, the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, as well as around the rest of Vermont and northern New England. 

Orginal music and recordings

In a major artistic step forward, ETA entered LOVETOWN Studio (Middlesex, VT) in February 2014 to record their first album of original material. The self-titled record is now available for digital download, and was released on physical CD on May 16th, 2014. (You can purchase the digital version here and read more about it on the "Music" page of this site!) Since then, ETA has continued to write and perform new, original material.

Kyle recorded his debut solo album in 2016 with contributions from Chris and many other talented musicians and friends of ETA. He followed it up with an EP of new original material ("No Direction (Vol. 1)") in 2022 which he recorded with Travis, Chris, and friend of the band Rudy Dauth. More information about those projects can be found here. Stay tuned for more  to come!